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We have so MUCH to be thankful for…

granolapumpkin cookies and seedsMy dear Grandma would oft repeat this phrase in her later years.  She had seen much and yet through heartache, she would give glory to God.  As it should be…thanks be to God!!!  However, I got into the Thanksgiving mode of things with baking in our little kitchen in between Skype conversations with my folks and brother Tony.  As you can see, I DID successfully bake pumpkin cookies (two batches) and roasted the pumpkin seeds also I accomplished making granola with dried fruit (apricots, raisins and cherries).  Thanks to my wonderful husband who lit the oven that cranked out heat for nearly three hours. 

Also, I had fun with the English Language club last night explaining the origins of Thanksgiving.  Then afterwards I went to the Great Hall for a showing of “Inconvenient Truth” starring Al Gore.   We have MUCH to be thankful for that he did not become our forty-third president, I kept thinking to myself “snakeoil salesman, snakeoil salesman.”  What did it for me was when he showed HUGE pictures of the Aural Sea in Kazakhstan that used to be the fourth largest fresh water lake in the world.  Now it is dried up with boats in the sand.  THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH GLOBAL WARMING!!! It has everything to do with bad Soviet politics that used the Aural Sea to irrigate the cotton fields in Uzbekistan.   

I told the embassy person (whose DVD was used to show these impressionable students) last night that I took issue with that one item of “truth.”  I also told her that during the communism period in Russia they had tried to change the direction of a river.  Such waste and environmental tragedies abound in the former Soviet Union, the half we don’t know about.  Why did Al Gore neglect to tell about the Chernobyl incident in Ukraine?   No, the film was made to make the U.S. look like the criminal nation in the world.  No mention of God superintending the tilt of our earth and the delicate balance we hang on. 

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks to God for seeing the 52 Pilgrims through the toughest winter in Massachusetts in 1620.  Half of them had died who had successfully navigated the Atlantic in 66 days!!! Many other things I took issue with while watching Al Gore’s back (they seemed to like his backside) and he seemed glued to his laptop computer.  

Again, we have much to be thankful for, I am so glad for President George W. Bush’s leadership.  Though he is not perfect, he is light years ahead of what Al Gore would have done with our country.  History will be kind to Bush, just as many historians realize Truman was a man who cared nothing for the polls but for the good of his country.  Yes, Bush is no Lincoln, but he is more like the plain spoken man from Independence, MO.  That is what we as Americans can be thankful for, our independence and our freedoms!!!  

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