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Pilgrim in my Own Kitchen!!!

Tonight I’ll give a slide show to the English Club about the history of American Thanksgiving going back to 1620 when the Pilgrims first set sail for the new land.  I feel like a Pilgrim in my own kitchen when contemplating what I will do with the pumpkin I just boiled down ready for a recipe. (Also, I am soaking pumpkin seeds in salt water to bake later in the oven)  A dessert was nixed, too complicated with ice cream or whipped cream.  I decided against muffins since I don’t have a muffin tin.  The best thing to give the students a sampling of pumpkin without doing the pie is COOKIES!  Thanks to the Internet, I have two possibilities from website. 

However, baking cookies will have its own obstacles to surmount.  First, I need to find a cookie sheet and also I don’t have brown sugar.  I am not sure if they have that in the store (even the BEST of grocery stores). Unfortunately, when I left the U.S.,  I had to jettison my 1 pound bag of brown sugar when I had to get my suitcase weight down to 50 lbs.  Next, I need to buy raisins and walnuts from the Green Market but I’ll have to go without the vanilla flavoring.  Fortunately, I brought along cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice as well as baking powder. 

Baking is something I have always enjoyed doing when there is a well behaved oven to work with.  When Ken and I lived in Kyiv, we never used our oven except for storage of pots and pans.  Somehow lighting the gas pilot light was a bit beyond our sense of adventure.  Tomorrow, we will HAVE to be as brave as the Pilgrims and pre-heat the oven in order to bake up my Pumpkin Cookies and salted seeds. 

I’ll let you know how it turns out.  If you don’t see in my next blog about how I succeeded baking in my kitchen, you can assume that it didn’t turn out.  Alas, in lieu of providing my students with turkey OR pumpkin treats, I will just have to talk about it.  Meanwhile, my stomach will be growling in contempt.

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