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“Men make the Best COOKS!!!

men make best cookscooking up a storm…that’s why the army has such good food” as my husband will quip almost on a daily basis.  His economic prof friend, Karim, came over last night to create in our kitchen a very savory, Indian dish.  Our whole flat took on the aroma of cinnamon sticks, cardamon, fennel seeds and other spices.  The chicken and rice dish also had onions, tomatoes, potatoes which we topped with salad fixings of many vegetables soaked in lemon juice.  All the while we were listening to authentic and old style Indian music off of Bollywood.  What a treat.  Karim can come back anytime to take over my kitchen.  He admits to making Chinese food as well.  Karim is not Bengali, though there are many of Ken’s colleagues who are.  He is actually Canadian but has Syrian roots and was born in Uganda, I believe.  Fortunately, he has an affinity for us westerners even though he is from Vancouver, B.C. which is equivalent to the West Coast, much removed from the Midwest.  Here he is in Kazakhstan to further add to the complexity.  At any rate, Ken and I enjoyed his company AND his cooking!

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