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Grateful for the Fall of a Giant Zucchini

I haven’t had any significant dreams for some time until this morning when I woke up quite content about living in Almaty, Kazakhstan.  This giant zucchini, that was the key player in my dream, was as big as a seal but had the added appendage attached to it, half its size.  Thinking about this typical harvest vegetable happened after last night’s meeting with my 12 Kazakh students where I showed them ppt slides about American Thanksgiving traditions.  I had them guess the English names for many vegetables related to our annual harvest celebration.  

Also, I showed them paintings of the early Pilgrims from 1620 and other masterpieces rendered by earlier artists such as when the Pilgrims met the Wampanoag Native American Indians.  Finally, I showed photos of my family from two years ago when we celebrated Thanksgiving in the Twin Cities.  Misha, my 6 year old adopted nephew, had just arrived from Russia to join our family. 

I promised my students last night that I would scare up some REAL turkey to bring to class next Thursday evening to celebrate Thanksgiving. None of them have tasted turkey before. (Now I need to go to the Green Market to see if they have any of these birds.) Then we watched a short film based on Max Lucado’s short story about a father and daughter.  I reminded my dear students that Thanksgiving is all about family and relationships.  I had them play a game called “Web of Gratitude” where they had a ball of yarn and they tossed it across the circle and said, “I am thankful for…”  They could not be thankful for the same person or thing twice, they had to think of new vocabulary words in English with each toss of the yarn. They are fairly new in speaking English but want so desperately to go to the U.S. next summer on a short-term work program. 

What fun to be around young learners again.  Just like my nephew Misha who couldn’t put an English sentence together but now you can’t shut him up, such a chatterbox is he.  So too with my eager students who know Kazakh and Russian and probably some other languages too, they will pick up English quickly. 

Back to my HUGE zucchini that torpedoed from the sky.  As are typical of my dreams, I was back at our home on the farm in NW MN and I was in the southern field when what to my wondering eyes should appear but a big, green vegetable falling at great speed from the sky directly targeted for our house (maybe flashback to satellite photos of Almaty from yesterday).  Anyway, my fear was that Ken might get hit by this descending, green meteorite or that it would do damage to our 90 year old farmhouse.  After the impact, I saw pieces of our garage fly in all directions.  When I ran to assess the damage, Ken was fine, the pickup in the garage was untouched, the big zucchini had missed it but we had no more garage.  Fine with me, we need a new, bigger garage anyway and this just forced the issue.  I woke up and told Ken that everything was going to be all right. 

Funny how oversized zucchinis are able to give one a sense of well being. 8)

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