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Chatting about Google Map of Almaty over Skype

Yesterday my computer-savvy Mom and I were using the Chat feature on Skype for me to show our location of where we live.  I was surprised how CLEAR the satellite photos of typically polluted Almaty showed up on Google maps.  Since her sound card isn’t working on Skype, I would write to get her zeroed in on  where Ken’s university is. I’d write something like: “Okay, see the Kazakhstan Hotel off of Dostyk Street?”  “Now off to the left and down…” The hotel is prominent on the Almaty landscape and showed a long shadow cast from an eastern sunrise when the satellite picture was taken.  Then I had her look for the upside white “L” which she saw that was not too far from the snail like looking building that is called Children’s Palace or something for the Young Pioneers in the old Soviet Days.  Earlier we had located the Presidential Palace and then up from there is our apartment.  Also, by looking for an inverted question mark pattern of buildings on Al Farabi, she was able to see the trees in our complex.  It must have taken a half hour of chatting back and forth but well worth it to have her know where we are surviving.  Now, the next thing would be to get my Mom and Dad over here to Almaty to visit.  They came several years ago to visit when we lived in Kyiv.  Anything is possible, even seeing where we live while 12 time zones away.

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