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Fall and Winter, New and Old in Almaty

Glass buildingAg. UniversityThe glass building that reaches for the sky from my vantage point of our northwest window is what I call the mountain look-alike.  One redeeming feature of this modern day architecture is that when there are fireworks on the main square below us several blocks, close to the Presidential Palace, we see the reflection off the windows.  The apartment building just 30-35 feet from our 5th floor view obstructs the real fireworks but not the sound of booming.  This “skyscraper” is new compared to the dowdy Agriculture university which celebrates its 75th anniversary of existence in Almaty.  The photo shows one of many buildings that take up a whole city block or two.  Actually we like to walk through the peaceful Ag campus that is next to where Ken teaches because it is away from the offensive traffic where drivers seemingly want to take you down as a pedestrian.  The blanket of wet snow is all but melted since last Friday, the sky is blue today giving hope to the construction workers who labor away in their high perches.

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