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Thoughts on snow and pianos

Today it is finally snowing, I can see that out of my northwest window.  There’s something about snow that is purifying to an aggressive, big city such as Almaty.  However, it doesn’t rank with New York and its meanness. No, Almaty is far too small in comparison and remnants of provincialism still exist with little huts that are shadowed next to rising skyscrapers.  I’m looking at the progress of the one scraper with the snow discernible against the glassy backdrop.  I think the architects were wanting to make this into a mountain look-alike building.  Sorry, the appeal is lost on me, give me the REAL mountains that exist to the south of us which we can see out of our bedroom and living room windows.  I was going to go walking today with someone and I would have chosen the path that has changed so much from 14 years ago.  I would go with other Peace Corps trainers up to where the high tower is, on all the switchbacks and the dusty roads.  I’m sure by now the little ravine and walking path have been made into a nice sidewalk and the gravel road is like a super highway. 

Now I would like to have an electronic piano just like the Yamaha 80 key one I used to cart around that weighed nearly 70 pounds.  (thanks hubby for toting it) I took it to China in 1986, then I brought it here to Almaty but somehow in the haste of getting all our baggage the spring of 1993 when I first arrived in Kazakhstan, it got whisked off to Bishkek with the other Peace Corps people and their luggage.  That gave me a good excuse to visit Kyrgyzstan back in the days when you didn’t have to stop at the border for customs, I retrieved my piano then. 

Brought that Yamaha home from Central Asia in 1995 and then carted it to Ukraine in 1998.  My husband didn’t want to bring it back to the U.S. when we left Ukraine in 2002 so we found a good ministry that could use it.  Sigh, I miss my Yamaha piano and now my mom just sent me photos of my sister’s new baby grand piano in their living room.  Yup, I need a piano to while away the hours when I am cooped up during these wintry days in Kazakhstan.  I’ll go to the Green Market to start pricing them out, I’ll enjoy the snow as I go.

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