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Where NOT to find wood

mosaic mural on Abai st.Shopping at the Green Market can be an experience that might make the most earnest of bargain hunters frustrated.  All I wanted was a half meter of a piece of wood.  That’s all.  I had a simple mission and I failed yesterday because the Green Market has all the other goods I was looking for last week.  I found a plethora of black pants but didn’t stop to try any on.  I was looking for the MEN’S section of the market where they might be carrying out long pieces of lumber to their waiting cars.  I walked through electronics and gadgets and other gizmos that Ken would be interested in, but nothing even close to resembling wood.   

Yes, there were mops and hangers made out of wood, I went through the furniture sections of the stores and was ready to pick up any stray piece of board.  You see, we need this four inch wide, half meter long piece in order to put hooks on it for our entryway to hang coats and hats.  Winter approaches and our little closet will not be able to hold our long winter coats. 

I was desperate, enough so that I wanted to find some dumpster (Ken’s scavenger ways have effectively lowered my standards) to see if there were any scraps of wood to salvage.  Of course, along the street the grapes and carrots are lined up by individual sellers, there were the cheap shipping crates but that would be too flimsy and the pieces were not wide enough.   

I finally went to the nearby, ritzy Silk Way shopping center to walk the LONGEST mall on earth.  This mall takes up a whole city block of an alley and I went directly to the frame shop that frames canvases and other pictures.  I told the young sales clerk in my very poor Russian that I wanted a piece of wood frame that fit my requirements, just a half meter long.  She said I would be able to get it in the evening and then she called someone.  Apparently his answer was “NO” and she suggested that I go to the Green Market to find my piece of wood.  Awgh!!! 

To console myself I went to yet another Second Hand Store to buy some dress shirts for Ken and a Turkish towel.  Somehow it made me feel better.  But after that shopping experience in the Green Market I know where NOT to find lumber or wood.

The above photo has nothing to do with my shopping experience, it’s a mural along Abai street.

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