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Five Second Hand Stores in Almaty

Probably there are more second hand stores but Goodwill and Salvation Army move over!!!  Yes, indeed, I went to FIVE second hand stores today just south of the Green Market, just north of Makatayev St.  One store seems to specialize in fur and leather coats.  (Too bad we already bought Ken’s winter jacket, there was a plethora of choices in the first one I stepped into.)  Instead of buying coats, I went for the bin with the linen tableclothes, fitted sheets and pillow cases, all for 800 Tenge.  After washing some of the things, that was all they needed.  Perhaps someone was just too lazy or didn’t have a good enough machine to clean them.  The other day I found some really pretty handwork, one is on our side table by the sofa and the other looks like Hardanger but isn’t, it drapes over our unused t.v.  Another store had lots of sweaters and pants.  I also bought two pairs of black pants and some khaki kind of pants that I’ll wear tonight to the Chinese restaurant on Gogol and Furmonov streets.  We are meeting a bunch of like-minded economics professors for a big spread at an authentic Chinese restaurant.  I can’t wait to tell them of my discoveries!!!

Another store seemed to have lots of ski jackets and accessories. However, the best part of my purchase was to find a reversible jacket for Ken to wear under his windbreaker.  I have started to ask if there is a discount on these already greatly reduced items for sale, they usually give it to me.  What they do is have a scale and weigh each item and sell them by the kilogram which is an odd way to do it, but it seems to work.  All of these second hand stores are out of the way in alleys or in basements and thus low budget overhead but have HUGE signs to show that they exist as “Second Hand.”  I feel quite virtuous for having found some very good buys today!!!

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