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More about Panfilov Park’s Soviet monuments

Monument and eternal flameJT at MemorialActually Jack, Ken’s cousin once removed, likes the War Memorial I despise in Panfilov Park.  Goes to show that art is all in the eye of the beholder.  Here’s what Jack said about the memorial, “I liked that statue.  Very unique.  I heard it was designed to inspire fear or something…to make the Soviet army appear unstoppable or whatever.”  Yes, the “artist” of this war monument certainly achieved that impression for me but in a negative way.  As for me, I prefer just looking at the trees all around the park and Jack’s photo taken two years ago (his wife, April, is in the foreground), shows the trees dwarf the monument.  As it should be.  Nature created by God trumps man’s portrayal of fierce strength. 

Jack happens to LOVE Kazakhstan and flies in on Boeing 727s as a pilot.  He travels the world over but this happens to be one country he wants to return to.  We look forward to seeing Jack and April soon while we are here in Almaty.  We have extra room and you are welcome!!!

Have spent way too much time on Facebook putting pictures in that format under my name at my brother-in-law’s bidding and also My Space at Jack’s bidding using the same name as this blog.  Preference in format?  I like the former, not the latter.  Hopefully I will be able to have a classroom of Kazakh students soon and will have them work on the same thing, fun way to communicate and have “friends” from all over the world. Or I might have them have their own WordPress blogs like my Ukrainian students did.  We shall see…

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