Lowflying Jet in the Northwest, pigeons to the north

Lady statue close to Fatboysstatue near Bishkek train stationAs I start today’s blog, a jet is flying in the northwest and hundreds of pigeons sit perched on the neighboring roof 30 feet away at eye view level.  Every day in our kitchen I look out our balcony and remind myself I am facing North and that to go to Ken’s university means going downhill, go NORTH!  The majestic mountains that rim the border between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are to the south.  I’m glad I went to Kyrgyzstan last week because it helps to further orient me so I can divest myself of this daily ritual “downhill means north, mountains mean south!”  Therefore, we will be getting the brunt of the northwest cold winds in the winter.  I enjoy fall and I’m enjoying THIS fall in Central Asia.  Already it has been below freezing in NW Minnesota where I came from less than a month ago. 

I’m wondering what these two statues commemorate in Bishkek, maybe someone can tell me in the comments.  The horse and rider is near the train station at the end of the parkway I always used to walk to get to KAUF everyday back in 1993-1995.  The other Lady statue is across from Fatboys restaurant.  What are their significance to Kyrgyzstan’s history?  Or maybe they are Soviet statues and have no real significance to Kyrgyzstan anymore.  Can someone inform me?

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