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More Bishkek photos

Wes at radio stationsheep on highwayOtto and missing manhole coverKaren and WesAUCA studentsKen took these photos and took as many of the of missing manhole covers we walked by.  We observed many gaping holes in Bishkek.  Apparently the theives took the cast iron covers and melted them down for their own purposes.  Russian Politics students of Dr. Otto Pohl’s (in yellow jacket) are listening attentively to what I had to tell them about Ukraine’s tragic history.  Seems that some Kyrygz had never heard that collectivization was not a good thing for many people in the Former Soviet Union. Karen and Wes are looking at old wedding photos Kris scanned from 1995, Wes is also pictured at their OK radio station.  Notice the sheep crossing the highway.  Why do you suppose they wanted to get to the other side? 

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