An apology from Former Soviet Union?

 An apology is NOT too likely to happen, Kazakhstan’s President Nazarbayev had the following to say about this in his autobiography on p. 177 in “Chapter 12 “The Imperative of the Next Century” 

 “It is important to note one highly important circumstance: the war in Europe ended more than 50 years ago, but it has still not ended for the countries of the former Soviet bloc; it did not end when the last Soviet troops left Poland, Hungary and the other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, not even when they at last won full independence. Neither the East nor the West (which, after all, bear joint responsibility for the Cold War) have yet apologized to the people for what they did.  It is unimportant now who takes the first step; the important thing is to set a precedent. 

The Soviet Union itself has disappeared from the map and so, strictly speaking, there is no one from whom one could demand such an apology, but there are the ‘post Soviet’ states, the former Soviet republics.  I believe that the world is still waiting for an apology from them.  For this reason, I took advantage of the celebrations marking the fifty anniversary both of the end of the WWII and of the creation of the United Nations Organization, to express formal regret on behalf of Kazakhstan for its part in the moral and physical harm which was caused by the Cold War and to extend the hand of friendship to all countries which were ready to engage in honest and open dialogue.”

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