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Quote from Sufi poet

Just got our Internet set up at home this afternoon, finally!  One more quote from Nazarbayev’s book, I have been still settling into our flat, will post photos soon.  

p. 125 “The Kazakhs have a long tradition of supporting peace and living alongside other nations and peoples.  They are also tolerant, patient, and well meaning and respect the way of life, customs and cultures of others.  Their good qualities were summed up by Khodzha Akhmet Yassaui, a Sufi poet, who is considered by Muslims to be second only to the holy Mohammed:          

The prophet has this wish:         

When one day you meet a stranger,         

Do not do him wrong.         

God does not love people with cruel hearts.

These words are written on his mausoleum in the town of Turkestan, in Kazakhstan, which is considered by Muslims as a little Mecca and is a place of pilgrimage for believers from across the Islamic world.  The Kazakh people are always true to the words of their prophets.”

We will be travelling on Thursday to Bishkek where I lived for a year and a half in 1993-95.  Looking forward to how much it has changed.  Surely not as much as Almaty I hope!!!

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