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Another quote from President Nazarbayev

From  Nazarbayev’s autobiography p. 91 

“When considering the former Soviet republics, many of which were torn by internal conflicts at the time, I was reminded of the parable about an old nomad.  The man died and his sons decided to share out his possessions equally among themselves: his sheep, his camels, his horses and all his furniture.  Each one was happy with his share, but suddenly they remembered their father’s copper saucepan – who was to have it?  They could not divide it up and as no one was prepared to give in, they began to fight over it.  After a long struggle, they finally decided to make peace.  But by then they had lost everything; all their sheep, horses and camels had wandered away.  The only thing left was the copper saucepan itself, but nobody needed it anymore, because they had nothing to cook in it.

 We do not want to make the same mistake in Kazakhstan.  We do not want to waste all our country’s economic and intellectual potential in conflicts, whether inter-ethnic, religious or of any other sort; our main aim should be instead the strengthening of stability.”

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