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Vikings in Kyiv

Vikings in KyivAbout to leave Kyiv today after three very fruitful days of visiting my former university and catching up with fellow teachers and staff.  Getting stuff out of storage was a challenge but made easy by the university car bringing me to the storage on one end of town and back over the river to the other end where I have been staying these three days.  I feel like a Viking nomad with all the travel I have done in order to be together again with my Kazakh Nomad hubby, the Lord willing.  Too bad I missed seeing some of my former students, especially those I felt closest to.  I did meet some of the first year students who are reported to be the BEST ever. Ninety of them are proving to be a challenge to the teachers because they are like sponges wanting to learn all they can.  How I miss my students in Kyiv, but “to obey is better than sacrifice.”

The photo is of a mosaic mural on the side of a building close to my friend’s place on Left Bank.  The Vikings WERE actually here in Kyiv using the Dniper River, part of the rich history of Ukraine’s origins.

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