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Pictures of walk to work

camelAlmaty billboardsKen took these pictures earlier this week on his 20 minute downhill walk down Prospect Furmanova, to Septaeva, and down to his university. He wrote the following:  

“You will notice the opulence of this oil rich country’s largest city. I did not photograph the Tiffany’s and Co. store near our apartment. Construction is everywhere.  You will notice the wide streets which do not have such great congestion at this place (they do some places) as so true in Kiev. The prospects for better traffic patterns are here, because Kazakhstan seems to have retained, “eminent domain” and is building thoroughfares through the city, as well as a new subway system. 

There’s a Turkish shopping center (a “mini Wal-Mart”) which will be our major store, being close to us. It also has a food court, with a small ice rink!  To the right is the national museum, and to the left the Presidential Palace, (although the president has moved with the government to a northern city, now called Astana, where the new capital is). 

I did get honked at on the sidewalk, as somebody was driving on it, he turned right and almost collided with another car.  The agricultural university is conveniently located close to where I work.  I hope to find time to visit its library and meet some professors there, as I take up my study of agriculture in this country. I once wrote extensively on it — back in 1992-1995 when I lived and worked here.”

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