Wedding Party=group of celebrants

second wedding partyEnglish can be very confusing to the non-native speaker and when Ken and I got married “again” in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan in January of 1995 after our initial wedding end of December of 1994, well confusion ensued.  I had been very organized about what we were to do at what hour.  My students gainfully came at the precise hour to fill in the bridesmaids dresses that had been used in Minneapolis. They got to keep the dresses. My one Russian friend, Tatyana Kazanina was in the green dress and she wore it for both celebrations.  However, sadly Tanya is no longer with us. She died about 10 years ago.  She had been a major part of Ken and my courtship because whenever I came to Almaty from Bishkek to visit Ken, I would stay with Tanya.  I hope to see her parents when I arrive to Almaty in mid-October. 

 The confusion happened when I had written in the schedule of events that the “wedding party” was to meet in the office area to change from normal street clothes to the wedding attire so we could take photos ahead of time.  The dean of my school was ready to crash the “party” with some strong drink and good cheer.  I had to explain to her that the reception would be AFTER the ceremony. 

This word “party” had other problems earlier in the school year when I had a temperament inventory translated into Russian.  The guy who was translating the question “When at a party, are you more apt to go up to strangers to talk to them or do you stick with your friends?”  The word that was used meant more like the term for communist party instead of celebrating. 8)

Party, party, party…I’m doing anything but that with packing, packing, packing!!!

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