Using My Head to “pass the test”

Today was perhaps only the second time in my life, that I can really remember that I genuinely Praised God in the Nip of Frustration.  This is a confession.  I’ve known I am supposed to “praise God in all things.”  I don’t.   A few weeks ago, when I was sure I had lost my cell phone, or had it stolen in the open bazaar, I genuinely gave it over to God and praised.  I immediately felt relief. I knew it was a major event in my life, and not because the cell phone showed up under the clutter on my desk.  As my Minnesota pastor says, I’d “passed a test.”   

Today, it happened again.  As I was leaving the office, after doing e-mail, I missed my office key.  This was the only official key, although I’d made a copy.  I could lock my office with that.  But, the thing was I HAVE in the past left the key in the lock on the corridor side.  If I had done that today, and had it been picked up by a passerby, well . . . I gave it up, again, and decided that I would confess the loss to the building’s security. But, before that, that I’d look thoroughly.  I decided to look behind my desk, took off my cap so the visor would not be in the way, and the office key fell on the floor. The key had been ON TOP OF MY HEAD!  I saw God’s eyes smiling, as I can see those of you who know me, smiling as well.  J.

I wonder what frustration, what he is preparing us for?  How big will it be?   How consistent will I be?  When I’ve learned something before, He has moved things rapidly.  Pray for us, please.

  Today is Ukraine’s election.  I hope and pray that what transpires there will not send Ukraine back from Europe’s and our Christian and democratic heritage.            We are so blessed.  Remember that.  Praise God for that, as well as the occasional, or persistent, frustration, or bigger, that He sends our way.  He IS loving, all powerful, and all knowing.  It was good to end the service today with “Great is Thy Faithfulness.”   

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