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EVERYONE is happy with new apartment!!!

The new apartment and the short term finances are working out especially with payday tomorrow.
I believe my Kazakh and Bangladeshi colleagues feel better toward me, as they realize the very complicatedness of the introductory team.  I also gave some Celebrex I bought as a tria, to the Bangladeshi prof who has same spinal arthritis I have.  He is one of the other three teachers and was elected coordinator when I was bumped. I wish him well, and for everyone good relationships.
Unfortunately, the students didn’t do well on the quizzes and I think I know why and will analyze it today.It is cooler.  I “loped” downhill to work, hitting all the stop lights on green. 

*******************  My 9 a.m. class did not go well, the repeated at 2 p.m. went very well.I took a different approach and hope to recover something in ten minutes with the 9 a.m today.  Also, these students are mostly first year and on the whole probably do not have as good English.  This is the class that is an experiment, and has tutorials without coordination. I think the other instructors are realizing what I realized earlier. I finished two versions of the exam for 10 am, have time to make it up 3 pm class.  I have enough time to check my mail from you.I guess it is getting to be winter there.

********************Just a few minutes before I meet a car that takes me to the new apartment with my stuff.  I just got back and have to return! I will plan to stay, take my stuff to write an exam and return here early. Would you write me an air mail letter to our new address? We’ll see how long it takes.Land lady is doing all kinds of stuff, new plates, etc. etc. She seemed very happy to close the deal. I was happy. Realtor was happy, M., head of housing office happy with my letter of commendation to the Provost.

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