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Friendly Cleaning Lady

I may be making a lot of friends among the staff here at our university.  Today I talked with the cleaning lady in the hostel.  She said she had lost her husband very early and had to raise a daughter, now 20 and working in the school’s library, and an older son, by herself. 

I mentioned meeting you here in Almaty in 1993 and she said she had worked here then, even before when it was the Communist Party School for twenty years. She remembered a LUX apartment with a PC couple and a suite with a single mom and child (5). I told her I would introduce you when you come.

We also talked about the quality of the stolovaya back then and she laughed. Yes, that was true. The forks had one tine. It was awful.  But out of  that “awful” comes good, in this case boy with expense account gets the girl!


[I remember this cleaning lady, she gave me some rich, sticky blueberry (?) jam from her dacha.  I recall she was very bubbly and smiley, I look forward to meeting her and seeing all the changes on campus since I was there 14 years ago.]

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