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Happy Arrangements with Landlady

I walked there. There are very few bus stops on a relatively narrow, very steep Furmanova street but there is one stop for going both ways at “our place.”

The landlady agreed to get two table lamps and one floor lamp, and a blanket. Apparently the last tenants took these things.  I said I have a pillow. They left one pillow.   There is no electric heater, and the windows are not modernized.  It could be cold, but she insists it is not. Kazakhstan doesn’t have a gas shortage, so my guess it will be warmer sooner and longer than Kiev. The TV is not universal, but our projector is. 

The sofa in the living room is comfortable, I asked for a floor lamp beside it. I asked for a table lamp for your office.  There is one bedside lamp and I asked for a second one for the master bedroom. She will provide a blanket.  The kitchen ware was adequate. I tested the microwave and the small refrigerator.The lease will run from Oct. 1 to June 15, 2008 but we can pay for the days in June that we use.  I will give them $200 to get the key from Tuesday, Sept. 25 and I can move in then.  I will pay them the first of every month. We will pay the “communalnye uslugy”  on the 25th of the month.

I am feeling tired after all this, but happy in general.  On Monday I’ll talk about income elasticity of demand for giving, and present them with information for the first of two little papers they will write. I’m sure one or two of the 50 students will research a good paper about philanthropy in Kazakhstan.  I have been excited today, to be looking at information on world wheat situation. It is nice to know about ERS’s publications.  I will send you a chart.

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