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Where K.Nomad is staying for 10 days

guest house

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Nomadic Moving – God’s in Control!!!

The thing with the apartment is under God’s control and He acts suddenly.I will be ON CAMPUS and thus associating with people — I just now came from faculty club, watching part of NYC 9/11 commemorations, and talking with another prof.  I think I will gain from this period, and it is free, and off the floor.

My Canadian friend from the first day, K, was supposed to move into the free room tomorrow, but he says it is fine, he has something going.  The room has a shower and bath separate, a kitchen, and a study, and eating area, for about six men.  I think I’m meant to meet some of them.

K says that the apartment he saw for ONLY $1,300 is nearby and excellent. Three rooms, carpet, and a block from where I used to work at the Ministry. That would make it a block from the British Council. I will check into it.  It was not taken because it is a five floor walk up, that’s great, so 5 floors up without a lift?  I figure we can handle that, and I think we did in Kiev! This apartment is a half hour away walking, necessary because of Almaty’s horrible traffic (they are building a metro).  It is near the British Council library and a swimming pool.As I said, it was going to get cold on Paul’s floor, and was already. 


THE ROOM [ON CAMPUS] IS SMALL BUT THERE ARE VERY MODERN APPLIANCES AND A ROOMY COMMON AREA. It has an AIR CONDITIONER!!! It is almost like living off campus in Pearson Hall at KU, being so close to the library and everything.I think this is a real good way to spend the next ten days.  It is now 11 pm and I will return to take a shower and go to bed.  I brought my granola and will have breakfast with that and Starbucks.I will take my camera and send you some pictures of the nice layout. I think you’ll be surprised how much this university has improved. So, when it is cold I don’t have to catch cold on the floor, but right now it is HOT, and there is an air conditioner in the room. The landlord made the person who registers visas so emotional that she kind of forced me into the guest room so she wouldn’t have to hear from him again.  I guess she made a mistake in registering me for the whole year, at his address, instead of just until early October. Potentially, the tax people could come after him for rent for the whole year.

So, it worked out well.

I am beginning to learn more fully the meaning of “Praise God in all things!”  I’ve been staying with a friend who is stationed here in Almaty along from his family. His invitation to stay with him until Kristina arrived allowed me to concentrate on classes, having arrived jet lagged and AFTER they had started.
Two days ago, the landlord sneaked a look at my passport and discovered the U. had registered me at his flat (normal) but for an entire year (an oversight, as I would leave before Kris came) and wanting money raised a stink.  I left, the U. put me up free in AIRCONDITIONING for 10 days free.  


Kazakh students are more respectful in class than our former hooligans. They don’t talk in class, at least not in mine. I spice the lecture with requests for translations into Russian, claiming I am learning it (I am) It think these “ESP”  tricks help.  I am enjoying teaching, and must get back to it! Psalm 37, Romans 13 and 14 were my meditations this morning in the half light of the “library” porch of the guest quarters. Starbucks coffee, cereal, and old Thompson chain reference with all its underlinings.  That was here with me in K. when I met you. That proves, on reflection, that God provides, more than I could ever imagine!In psalm I was struck by the old “delight in Him”  He will provide the desires of our hearts. Amen.In Romans I was struck by the idea of eating in faith, that the apartment on fifth floor that K. saw is for us, and he saw a lot of apartments. The other thought I had is that it is a GOOD apartment and He will provide, possibly with the right work for you.

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