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Cousin Jack, the Pilot and Flight Crew

It was a beautiful day and breezy cooler evening in Almaty.  I heard from Jack, my pilot cousin, from the plane.  He was able to call me on someone else’s phone and then we found we could text message from my Almaty based phone and his London based cell phone.  We did that probably 6 times each today.   

And then I took a car for $4 to the hotel meeting Jack and two other pilots and a mechanic on their Boeing 757.  We had lunch, and then Jack and Gary and I went to the “Barakholka.”   [like an open air flea market]

It was an arduous congested trip, but I got a blanket and Gary got a short mink coat for his wife.  I learned a little more about another part of the city, and some of the world economy.  Russian furs are sewn in China, Greece and Turkey for sale around the world. 

Gary is a very nice pilot a little younger than me, with two daughters and a son. Two of them are or will be in the Air Force Academy.  They live in Jefferson City, MO on a 40 acre ranch.

I got to know Jack a little better, he has discovered something he likes very much.  He has a lot of “down time” when he is not flying and has no responsibilities.  He is home maybe one week of the month.  He has learned to decipher the Russian alphabet (I wonder if I taught him the usefulness of this?)  and enjoys sounding out words with it and breaking partly through the barrier of Russian.  

I came home and showered, after Paul replaced a fallen off faucet pipe, and I taped it with Gorilla tape. (The landlord will fix it correctly tomorrow.)  Then, I went to a nearby patio restraunt to eat dinner with the entire flight crew and an additional pilot who was at the hotel, Scott, who may be stationed with ASTANA airlines in Almaty.   

I will have to take you to this place when you arrive, if it is convenient to where we will live. Very good service, wonderful food, big portions, good ambience, outside, and reasonably priced.  I learned a lot about the flying business.   

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