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Tenge is up, Skype is down

The Kazakh Tenge, in which I’m paid is strengthening against the dollar.  I may ask my cousin Jack if he wants some Tenge.  I have a pay statement and so I know how much I’m paid here. Fortunately, the sum is in Tenge, and the Tenge is RISING against the dollar.

I liked the neighborhood around the church service and Paul and I had a pizza and beer before returning to our area of town.  Paul was talkative about marriage and theology.  After I got a new phone card we then ate dessert in a Thai restaurant, shopped and came home. 

I slept a little and will have to decide on whether to go to office tomorrow morning or afternoon. I think I may take computer to the Hyatt and work on quiz versions there in their lobby waiting to meet Jack. There is a chance Jack won’t get a visa, we think they don’t offer them anymore at airport, but maybe there is something different for aviators.
I’ve missed our Skype conversations, and hope that can be fixed back up.
Incidentally, I find that eyedrops, liquid tears, seem to help my vision. Just being dry, I guess doesn’t help.  Right now I am in my office, and it is pretty empty around here. S.M. brought in the work I gave him, with attendance sheets.  He will drop in Monday 4 pm when I’ve given the two quizzes. I got waylaid by reading my newly renewed subscriptions to Economist mag and WSJ. I printed an interesting article from Economist to put on my door.

The voluntary meeting with seven first year students who are in macro, but have not had micro economics went well. They are obviously good students. One was on FLEX in Ohio.  These students will eventually make up the spice of being here. One student, a young, tall fellow remained behind and I talked with him: NS. NS’s mother is a doctor. He has no father.  He had an uncle, but his aunt divorced him.  Sigh.  I’ll get to know him. This university was started by Americans and is a complex organization, and I’m just beginning to figure it out. It’s full of Bangledeshi PhD’s.  I guess this is good money for them. The Economist this week has a story on Bangledesh, and it may explain a lot of what is going on here!! 

I tried to get on Skype again but I got messages of “internal error”  No Proxy found. I had heard that our IT department blocks sound downloads, (“but if you want to, you can”) and I guess there is an eternal game with the IT people and the student hackers.  I have a feeling that Skype may now be blocked. I will eventually have the IT people hook up the new Dell (with Corporate Vista) to use more. In the process, maybe I can get the Skype on that to work, with their help.

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