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End of a LONG DAY!!!

It’s nice to get your message, at the end of a long day.

I got here at about 6 a.m. Walked.  I’m surely losing weight. The feet ARE holding up. Paul says he is loosing his gut. It’s our own cooking, and walking and LONG days.  That’s a praise! And, if I am not now in my “comfort zone” perhaps I will be so later.  I will lose weight!

I had on my list Sunday to try to do something about my missing computer glasses. I went to the hotel with a note in Russian offering a reward.  Finally, I saw the manager, a Turk. He promised to look into it.  He bought me a free glass of water and ice tea. That was welcome.  I went on to TsUM (200 tenge ride = $1.80, I think.  Cabs are relatively cheaper here) Bought sheets, pillow and towels, finally.  But, had to rise early to do preps. 

There’s a “thought need” to coordinate crazy macro (three lecturees with their students mixed together in tutorials).  I said NO. Need to act tough. I sent a Decision Memo to the department head asking for some straight answers: Yes, No, and if No, an explanation: copied it to the VP. It got results.  I told them there was no use appointing me to choice committees (his prerogative) if I would be here only one year. Response: “That can be extended.”  My comeback: “Not without me wanting it; I have a one year contract and right now am happy with it: the department does not seem to do a very good job of teaching and doesn’t care.”  Face falls.

So, there’s lots of emotion, and “Prayed through” decisions.  Deliberate.  I have Psalm 25 in mind. I just reread it. It is today.  Thanks to Donn. I will write him.

I’m going to go to the tech department about my flash drive.  Then, to the store.  Maybe we can Skype before I go home. It will be about 6/7 when I go. *******So, Artem came and after 20 minutes I now can plug my flash into my desktop and make easy transfers to my notebook.  And I got another table so I have another place where papers won’t blow away.

But, the notebook with skype on it does not want to work on the University’s LAN.

So I will go home.

I would welcome another attempt to call Paul’s phone.  Paul’s own internet is on cable, separate from his telephone. If we can get my notebook set up on it, he could use the Skype to call his wife and kids.  So, he is motivated, too.  We’re doing okay together. Fairly tolerant of each other, needing company, both working late.

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