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Cable Car to Koktebe for BD jaunt

I got file boxes and a cork board for the office yesterday.  One of the only surfaces I had to lay papers on was the window ledge, and with it so hot and having to keep door and window open, that was blowing “order” all over.  So now, I have file boxes for the valuable window ledge, a cork board to pin important things on, AND I took the 3×2 foot box the board came in and it makes a nice new light table to sort papers on.  I’m ready to roll!!!It is late night for you, and I don’t have a mike.  I’ll let you know when I reach office – if you are still up maybe you can try the phone again.  Use 011 for international, and 7+ city code etc. to try to reach me, otherwise maybe you can call the apartment your Saturday, my Sunday night. ***************

It is September and I read odb today, also mufhh and psalm 25, again. I am fortified. But I find I am feeling vulnerable sometimes, not always strong in him. Sometimes agitated, not calm as he is in me.  And a little pride in these crazy circumstances among proud academics, who are probably threatened.  Help me be the friend of those who want it.  Challenge that which is wrong, quietly.  I am in strange waters.  Back also is acting up again.  Pray for that, as I need to be in office to accomplish much today. I think I “need.” ************** 

Well, I was concerned about sitting so long with my back sore starting the day and the L is saving it by it being Paul’s 39th BD today.  I learned this just this morning as he prepared an omelette.  He is going to work a few hours and after 12 (soon) call me, come East on Abai to the end (Lenina, now Dostyk) and meet me for the ride up the mountain on the cable car.  Fresh air, I’ll host him to lunch up there. 
Anyway, I’ll sacrifice my plans to work so much in the office, to be with Paul, and it will be better for my back. I’ve figured out a way to work with the air mattress laying on my back, so I’ll pack up work to take with me. When we come back to the office, I’ll work some, and then go to TsUM for sheets, towels, spatula, etc.

The things I bought yesterday . .. help, but a gust just blew things off my desk – I have to have the window and door open. BUT, the boxes on the window ledge held that in place. It will be warm again; I have my KU tee shirt you bought me on. If there are any Kansas people, we’ll connect.  It is a beautiful absolutely cloudless day, and I need a hat. Apparently somewhere along the road, I’ve lost the MN cap I started off with, as well as my computer glasses.   That’s enough for now, except I really miss you this day. I have our last Christmas letter on the wall as well as some MN post cards I picked up at the airport in MSP. I hope I got here with other photos.   ************** 

I just finished a 5 hour “birthday jaunt” with Paul, up the cable car to Koktebe.  We walked back to the base of the mountain, took the wrong bus, and ended up walking another half hour down Lenin/Dostyk.  My feet hurt, but not bad. I left Paul, bought a mike and small speakers and am prepared to try Skype again if you want.  You should also try calling the office, with the newly revised city code!!!

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