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Bad Backs and Communication Glitches

The following is the latest communication I got from the Kazakh Nomad: I fight to stay awake and am taking Tylenol, Advil, muscle relaxants for my back which took a beating in the trip here. I’ll survive. Have to figure out the system here and be ready to teach Monday and Wednesday. There are four different classes both days, with a total of 280 students!!

I got home from Paul’s place about 10 p.m. and couldn’t connect with my laptop notebook on the lobby wireless. I fell asleep over the keyboard!  About midnight I awoke and wrote you a long letter, which I put on a flash. Now, my office computer won’t allow the flash.  Another communications glitch to figure out.


The other new professor in economics has been looking at apartments with the university’s person. There was a perfect three room apartment on 5th floor, apparently very near Paul’s place. A couple had rented it but the wife can’t navigate the stairs. I think I will look at it soon.  It was $1,500, but came down to $1,100. This area is near the sports complex and swimming pool.  Paul’s place really is tiny.

I can see that you may have run out of steam; I certainly did yesterday.  I still have to do a WHOLE lot to prepare for my classes tomorrow. My first day of teaching means meeting 280 students.  I will do much of it on my back with my notebook. I may have to transfer data from that on CD — but WHOA! I have no CD drive on this computer either, just a floppy!  I have no floppy on my notebook!!  Maybe the hotel computer will let me transfer.

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